A great way to know if a Coach is for you, is to have a “Chemistry session”.

This is a great way for you and your potential Coach to meet and have a

taste of the potential connection you might have and how coaching can

help you achieve your goals.

What you can expect?

In general terms, at the end of a Chemistry session, this is what you can expect: 


For the client:

  • A sense of being listened to, connected with, respected and understood

  • A chance to test out how the coach might deal with particular scenarios

  • A chance to get a feel for the coach’s style and method

  • A chance to ask questions about the coach’s specific experience

For the Coach:

  • A chance to understand the broad areas the client may want to work on

  • A chance to peek into how the client envisions the coaching engagement to look like

  • A chance to describe how they will work – their style

  • A chance to listen out for any danger signals – signs that the client might be coming into coaching for the wrong

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