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Personal Brand 

Empower the boss in you


During this session, we invite you to open up, reflect and find out new ways to think about yourself, your strengths and your talents. 

This class is available as a downloadable self serve e-learn or as a Group Coaching session.


  • Red Kangaroo

Quick introduction to Red Kangaroo Consulting, who we are and how we’ll work together during the session

  • Who are you

A question much trickier to answer than what most think. A fun and dynamic exercise to help us set the tone.

  • Personal Brand Fundamentals

Brief overview of concepts and history; what is a personal brand, why have one, what is it based on and how does that look in your life.

  • Key Elements

Here we go deeper into what forms your Personal Brand. We will talk about strengths, values, passions as well as your mission and purpose in life. This module is packed with exercises and reflection prompts.

  • From brand to branding

You now have a clearer view of your brand, let’s go show the world!

  • Empower the boss in you

Time to reflect on the day, what are you taking with you and what you’ll be doing next.


Is this session right for you?

We welcome everyone to our coaching sessions, but this is definitely for you if you...


  • Are looking for a change in your career

  • Would like to better communicate your talents

  • Are looking for practical exercises to help you on your day to day

  • Want to take control of how you come across and how you represent yourself

  • Are curious about self-discovery and how this can completely change your game

  • Are ready to shine!



In this session, we not only share how to uncover your personal brand but we also provide you with tips to put it into action. We will focus on the brand (roots/core) and how you show it to the world. This means that most of our work together will look at the emotional connection between you and your brand, as it is paramount to show an authentic message and build a true brand.

By the end of the class you will…

  • Get to know yourself

  • Identify what defines you, what your values are and how to show them to the world

  • Get carefully selected and tailored practical exercises to lead you in your journey 

  • Learn how to unveil, manage and improve the visualisation of your talents

  • Explore the differences between how you see your self and how the world sees you




If you are ready, so are we! 


​Quick note, there are a few practical exercises suggested prior, during and after the session. Don’t worry, they are all a lot of fun!

Self-serve Class

Group Coaching Session