About Us

The Idea

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Did you know that the Red Kangaroo is the animal that grows the most in their lifespan, increasing 96,000 times its birth weight? 

Red Kangaroo Consulting is the union of two certified coaches passionate about people. We truly believe that empowerment and support lead to development, which is why we are here. We focus both on the professional and personal aspects of life, and we have a strong leaning towards women’s leadership and growth.

At Red Kangaroo, we recognize and celebrate the boss in you, that voice, that force that pushes you to go for more, the one that invites you to change, the one that most likely brought you here. 


At Red Kangaroo Consulting we invite reflection and introspection to the table, opening new doors to what you want to achieve.

Elisa Perez


Our Vision:


To facilitate comprehensive and sustainable growth.


Our Mission:


To empower individuals to rise to their full potential through action based development while prioritising wellbeing.

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Andrea Scoseria

Hi there, my name is Andrea Scoseria and I’m a Psychological Health Program Manager at Facebook, and a Leadership, Executive & Personal Coach (ACTP (ICF) / EMCC Practitioner).
I’ve been living in Dublin, Ireland since 2011 but I’m originally from Uruguay.


My career started in the Marketing world, working as a Copywriter for Ad agencies and as Marketing Specialist at online shops. Add a couple of years and a move across the Atlantic and you will find me jumping to the Tech stratosphere, where I’ve been since 2015, working in the creation of programs for employees' personal and professional development, with a strong focus on well-being.


I've always been passionate about helping others see what they cannot see in themselves, understanding their views and perceptions, and finding those little gaps that limit us. The more I get to coach, the more I realise how important it is to take the time to reflect on your life once in a while; to challenge yourself, to ask inwards: what is stopping me to take the next step? 

Reflection leads to action and action leads to reflection; think of it as the wheel that keeps us moving forward.



Spanish & English




Animals (fat cats)

Art in all its forms (great admirer, mediocre creator)

Listening to podcasts while going on walks

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Elisa Perez 

Hello, My name is Elisa, I'm Director of Global Operations at Facebook, passionate about developing individuals and a qualified Executive, Career & Life coach (ICF Accredited).

15 years ago I started my career in Tech at a Startup in Spain coming straight out of University. Later on I worked at big tech companies in Dublin where I had the opportunity to build and develop high performing teams, growing my own career from Team Lead to Director-level roles. Throughout my career, what's consistently given me the most energy is to make individuals shine through coaching and mentoring. It's always been the favorite part of my job and is my main motivation behind becoming an accredited coach and launching Red Kangaroo. 

There is no better feeling for me than unleashing the potential that has been trapped by someone's hesitation, doubts or fears. I have been passionate about helping people my entire life , supporting others, seeing them grow and achieve their goals. I want to help people find their purpose in life and pursue their goals.


I’m looking forward to getting to know you and helping you release all your potential!



Spanish & English


I love photography, travel (I have been to more than 50 countries and I’m looking forward to visiting places once the pandemic allows), doing improv, modern art, going to concerts, creating anything with my hands (even if I’m not the best at it), eating good food, spending time with my friends and going to the beach at any time of the year are some of the things that I enjoy the most.


The People